Stephen Williams Photography

I am officially a Centenarian Wedding Photographer

Officially Photographed over 100 Weddings!

I started my professional photography career as a student intern at ‘Die Burger’ newspaper in Cape Town. At the time I thought I was getting all the knowledge and experience I needed to become a photographer from my studies, I later realised that I was learning greater lessons while working under the stresses of a daily newspaper.

I owe a lot to the picture editor who was there at the time, Garth Stead. He is still the best photographer I have ever met in person, and was an incredible inspiration to all the photographers working under him, both junior and senior.

About three years later I realised that I had to accept that the print publication industry is changing and there was no real financial future in working for newspapers, and so I closed the door on becoming a photojournalist, and instead starting working towards becoming self employed. And I very quickly started working for many different kinds of clients in a vast array of different fields. Although I was a little disillusioned by not becoming a photojournalist like I wanted to, my time spent shooting for crazy picture editors prepared me to meet the demands of all kinds of clients.

Of all the kinds of work I do, wedding photography has become the biggest portion of the workload I have. And on the 1st of May 2016, I photographed my 100th wedding! My own little personal milestone.

Photography is not a job, it is a way in which to make tangible the way you see the the world, and more importantly the way in which you see yourself. I want to thank all the people I worked with for the opportunity and the privilege to better myself.

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