Stephen Williams Photography

Cape town based photjournalist


As a Cape Town Photjournalist, I started my photography career while working for Media 24 in South Africa. For two years I published both locally and internationally in newspapers and books about current newsworth events.  I also worked in London as a freelancer.  Contact me about your newsworthey event.

photojournalist in cape town
cape town photojournalist
A shot taken in London, Eros Statue in Piccadilly Circus.
cape town photojournalist, fifa fan fest
The Fifa Fan Fest was filled to capacity, but people still tried to push their way in, and as the crowd pushed, the police pushed back even harder.
cape town photojournalist, fifa fan fest mexico 2010
This was the last game that South Africa had played in the 2010 world cup, even though we were already out of the contest, we were still glad to score the winning goal against France.
soccer world cup 2010
9/6/2010 Vuvuzela wednesday! In support of the fact that SA was hosting the world cup, it was decided that on this day, at lunch time everybody would go out into the streets and blow their vuvuzela. And boy was it LOUD!
cape town photojournalist, sea point sea storm
Pressure coming from strong waves forcing water up the drainage system and sending it in the air.
cape town al quds march
The annual al-quds march in Cape Town
fifa fan fest cape town 2010
Barred from entering because the Fifa Fan Fest in Cape Town had already filled to capacity, people still stood and waited for a chance to enter.
hangberg unrest, hangberg protest
Residents of Hangberg in Hout Bay fighting the police to try and prevent them from gaining access to the area, so that their illegal homes will not be demolished.
Hangberg unrest. This woman swore and spat at the police who were trying to gain access to the area.
hangberg police rubber bullets
Residents of Hangberg in Hout Bay fighting the police to try and prevent them from gaining access to the area, so that their illegal homes will not be demolished.
hangberg evictions
Hangberg unrest. Child looks on as homes are demolished to clear the area of illegal houses.
This was taken in Muizenberg, a shot meant to show the differences between the haves and the have nots.
grand constance, 1762, 1775, constantia wyn, delaware ship wreck
The story behind this particular wine is quite interesting. The wine photographed here is a new wine launched by Groot Constantia, called "Grand Constance". Its inspiration is quite interesting: In a very recent excavation of the "severn" shipwreck off the American coast in Delaware, shards of a broken bottle were discovered, bearing the embossed name "Constantia Wyn". The ship sank between 1762 and 1775. The reason why this is so interesting, is because of the spelling of the word "wyn" on the bottle. The spelling is not the same as the Dutch spelling (wijn) or the german spelling (wein), the spelling is that of the modern AFRIKAANS. Which is significant, because this wine was first created over 200 years ago, long before Afrikaans overtook Dutch as the main language spoken in the Cape, casting doubt on exactly how old the Afrikaans language is.
Veld fires on Table Mountain are almost an annual affair in Cape Town. A picture that ended up on the front page of the Die Burger.
stellenbosch bicycle tour
Die Burger Fietstoer. Rob Cragg cycling throught the Eersterivier at the point the 75km route crosses the river