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12 Apostles Hotel Wedding Venue

12 Apostles Hotel & Spa

An Ocean View of the Sunset and Mountain

12 apostles hotel, wedding venue

The 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa is relatively isolated from the rest of Cape Town.  It is in between Camps Bay for a Miami-like experience with top tier restaurants and a celebrity lurking blue flag beach, and on the other side Llundadno for a more peaceful and less crowded beach experience (don’t mind the topless sunbathers here).

From a photographer’s point of view, one of the best things a wedding venue can have, is a west-facing façade or location, from which you can make use of what is known as the “golden hour”.

Actually its more like 45 mintues, during which time the sun goes from white-yellow to a red-orange: given the right weather, the view of the sunset from the 12 Apostles is amazing.

The location for your wedding ceremony really is beautiful, you have an amazing view of the twelve apostles mountains, as well

as a view of the ocean.

After the ceremony you can choose to have a couple or wedding party shoot at “Cosy beach”, which is a very small beach a 400m drive from the hotel (the staff will be able to direct you), or you can choose to go for a small uphill walk in amongst the fynbos for a sunset shoot.

All of the meals I’ve eaten there were awesome, they have a wide variety of dishes, and it tastes like they hire really good Chefs… 

They also have a very comfy feeling bar that serves whatever you want, including Cognac, port and all the best South African wines.

Honestly there isn’t anything negative I can say about the 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa.  One of the biggest pieces of advice for anybody planning a wedding is: don’t do too much driving, it takes up time better used to create beautiful images.  The twelve apostles has everything you need all in one place, and the surrounding mountain and ocean scenery makes for excellent photographic opportunities.

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cosy beach, 12 apostles, cape town
Cosy Beach, a good couple shoot location